Yahoo turns to mobile web share

Yahoo is changing its approach to the mobile segment of the web, putting mobile division, in reorganization.

Yahoo turns to mobile web share

Thus, the employees of rival Google from mobile section will be distributed in other parts of the company, integrating elements of mobile web in them.
The move is due to Management’s Carol Bartz, who decided to make some changes to Yahoo to make the brand competitive again.

Official seems to understand the importance of mobile web today, especially in competition with Google, which has won every time against Yahoo in recent years.

It will be difficult from Yahoo to compete with the giant from Mountain View, which brings huge benefits, as Android, buzz for mobile, an impressive financing and more.

Google said recently that the desktop will become irrelevant in about 3 years, the advances in mobile web, a prediction that does not sound too good for Yahoo, given the fact that search engine was recently replaced by rival as standard option to T-Mobile terminals.

Source: MocoNews

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