Vergence Video Glasses: Clarity and Perfection!

I have always dreamed at a camera that can show me some real pictures. Real as what I see through my own eyes and not the eye of the lenses.

And now I have found it!

Vergence Labs’ Social Video Electric Eyewear is a new technology that allows you to take photos and record videos just the way you see them. The tiny camera hidden in a pinhole between the eyes is capable of recording 720p video and the “chromatic shifting conductive glass”, gives lenses more or less brightness, according to one´s desires.

They come in a great variety of frames (James Dean, Buddy Holly, Clark Kent) and cost around $200. But, rumor has it that the team will also try to incorporate Wi-Fi and some biometrics via different wearable electronics.

Finally, wearing glasses will no longer be considered geeky, but classy!


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