Three Rules of the Second Date

The first date is always a bit strange. You just get to know each other, take tentative hesitant steps, and feel uncomfortable, talking a lot. Nevertheless, if you asked her out on the second date, then, most likely, you think that the person is worth your efforts and one more evening to get to know your dating partner better. The development of relationship after the first date is some kind of a confirmation that the feelings will become stronger, and communication will be more interesting with every meeting. So, the basic rules of the second date are down there just for you. Thanks to our friends from for providing us with these essential rules!

Do not make the second date an exact copy of the first one.

Make your meetings different. Try to change the surroundings, including place and time of the meeting. Whatever you make up, a second date must not be an absolute copy of the first one. It is high time to prove how imaginative you are. If you had a dinner in a restaurant and went to the theatre on a first date, go to the cinema or the nearest park on the second date. Make your meetings being some kind of exciting adventures. Make them interesting and unforgettable as best you can.

On the second date, you can get the wonderful opportunity to see each other in various uncommon situations. For example, while swimming in the pool or riding a horse in the park, your partner can be so interested in responding to situations that you will look at her from an unexpected side. You will appreciate whether a person is able to laugh at herself, how optimistic she is and how she behaves in different situations.

In any case, you will get the opportunity to see her attitude, and this may tell you how she will manifest herself in the future as a partner. In addition, if the girl finds the second date tedious, she will surely perceive your meeting as a boring, unremarkable, and, therefore, not worth her attention.

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Do not make the second date too romantic.

One of the rules of the second date is, if the girl did not give herself to you in a fit of passion on the first date, there is not a big chance of getting anything more than a kiss on the second. Usually, everything happens on the third date or a little bit later.

On the first date, you just try to get to know each other better. The third date, exactly, should become a vessel of romance and passionate confessions. The second meeting is an occasion to have fun, to enjoy the pureness of your only nascent feelings.

Give her a chance to present her vision of your relationship, some kind of a rehearsal of how you will be able to spend time in the future. In addition, since you feel more comfortable and liberated on the second date, it becomes possible to ask her some personal questions that you were embarrassed to ask on the first date. Learn about her life, the relationship with the parents, some funny stories from her childhood.

Do not introduce her to your parents.

The second date is too early for introducing to friends and especially to your parents. This can spoil everything.

You still know each other not so well to expand your life space with someone else. The second date is a too reckless date for introducing to the family. A woman (or man) can perceive this as a rapid development of the relationship. This will scare her off and alert, make think about the aims you are pursue, or give a false hope. In any case, introducing to relatives is a kind of introduction of your soulmate into the family circle, but the second date is not a reason for this.

If everything goes well, the second date will surely lead to the third one and maybe even to “happily ever after”, until your relationship naturally get to the next level. In the meantime, it is high time to enjoy each other and the carefree second date!