MP3 Players

The Fabulous MP3 Player Sunglasses

  The contemporary world forces us to be always alert and accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. Fortunately, there are plenty of people that work hard in order to lay the foundation of the gadgets that will make our lives easier. The MP3 Player Sunglasses are the clearest example. This wonderful  invention can be…

Gadgets for Men

X-Rocker Gamebag Gaming Chair

Welcome to Heaven! Here you can play video games, watch movies or listen to music in the comfort of your very own X-Rocker Gamebag Gaming Chair, for professional slackers only! The chair has an amazing surround sound system that allows you to enjoy the full experience of entertainment. It comes in black and blue and…

MP3 Players

RIP to the in-car CD player

RIP to the in-car CD player The in-car CD player has enjoyed a 25-year run, but its demise is nigh. Really nigh. At the end of 2011, Ford will give the heave-ho to CD changers, and other manufacturers are likely to follow. That bulky object has outlived its usefulness. Read more on KRTV Great Falls