Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Review and Photos

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Mornings are delightful because they represent the beginning of a new day in which we can start unique and interesting things. But, while many people wake up at a specific hour without any additional help, others need a little boost in order to get out of bed before 7:00 a.m.
I must admit, I am one of these persons and it is very difficult for me not to throw my clock against the wall when the tormenting time comes. The worst scenario is when I am really tired and I simple close the alarm and go back to bed. It’s really funny to dress in a hurry, run to catch the bus and be late (but not for me).

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Review

Browsing over the internet, I have come across a strange but alluring item called Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. Even though its name might make you laugh, you’ll be surprised to see that it is not far from the truth. This type of clock has 3 “functions”: clock, AC adapter and a bed shaker unit.

You will be able to read the time easier due to its red display and two brightness settings. But here comes the best part: you will definitely wake up, instantly, because of its loudness (which can be adjusted, so don’t worry that you will wake up all your neighbors).

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Features

This Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock’s volume can get to the impressive number of 113 decibels. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with the phonic measurement system, think about the fact that a jet produces about 106 decibels and compare for yourself.

Not to mention that it has a pulsating light alert which prepares you for the “awakening” and a 12v bed shaker with the help of which you will wake up under the constant impression that your house is falling apart (if you are lucky, when there will be an earthquake, you’ll be prepared).

Another great feature of Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is the 9v backup battery which will assure the clock’s function even through blackouts (if you are left without electricity, this type of battery will maintain the clock’s functionality until the moment it is supposed to ring).

The only problem would be that you have to buy this separately because, in some cases, it is not included in the price. It also has a snooze button and 3 alarm settings (buzz, buzz/bed shake, only bed shake) from which you can choose. This will make waking up less boring and stressful, since you can opt for a nice buzz, a strong shake or both, every morning.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Price

Buying this cool gadget would probably be a good investment since the price is not very high (you can buy for $40) and you will be given a warranty of 1 year.

Therefore, you can rest assured that at least one part of your day is taken care of. I don’t want to give you false hopes, waking up will still be a nasty experience, but at least you will have the chance to make it in a fun and why not, relaxing manner (the vibrating features acts like a smooth massage).