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Groups of photographs that are set neatly to develop different stages of emotional views, the progression of events and concepts either as pure photographic works or the photos coupled with captions and comments are referred to as photo essay.  This kind of writing is currently implemented by the online writers as an online essay writing tip to help students, and journalists among others or is used as online essay writing help. The technique is a powerful source of narration of a story with no reliance on texts or too much wording. Thus, they communicate to the audience regarding a feeling of something or a subject. For example, a photo essay may include a publication of the article, a book, a web page or portion of the website, a collage of images with elaborative text, art shows, and fashion publishing such as a photo-editorial.

Tips on writing a photo essay

Photo essays have become part of the modern culture where they exhibit our emotions and passion besides revealing the context of presentation. Photo essays require topics that depict social and personal relevance. The photojournalist uses photo images and minimal text to elaborate information in the form of narration. In most cases, a range of informative images is used to capture most parts of the story. These pictures have to be informative individually. However, they should be part of the main topic that forms the basis for narration. Furthermore, the writer or photojournalist has to place the images or photos to enable the story to be relevant. The compilation of the images needs to make sense and communicate in both narrative and informative way. Therefore, the orderliness of the photographs forms a template for the photo essay.

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One secret to the success of photo essay is the use of a lead photo which catches and engages the audience into the story. The lead photo forms the hook for the article. The rest of the scene photos give a chronological flow of the narration when they are neatly presented in wide angles to reveal the location or context of the action. Besides, the use of portrait photos especially for people frequently reveals the empathy and the humanizing notion in the narration. Some photo essays give close-range photographs that present detailed information in a more compact way that is emotionally intense. In the end, the photojournalists use signature photos that give a summary of the narrative which leaves the audience with the mental image that reiterates the theme.

Photo essays are typically used to by students, psychoanalysts, investigators, journalists and photographers among others to reveal or narrate a story surrounding a given topic or investigate a case. For example, psychoanalysts present their work designed to show a sense of privacy or sanctuary for therapy purposes whereas students who pursue photography do a lot of photo essay to narrate events to the audience such as cultural exhibitions among others.  In the learning processes, photos from the natural disasters, depressions and civil wars among others are currently viewed by students of history hence they become assets in the education system.

The tutors usually use photo essays to reveal contents of subjects such as geographical pictorial presentation as well as geometrical concepts in math lessons.  In other occasions, artists use a lot of photo essays to map human skin tones and match such tones with the corresponding colors.

The photo essay is usually challenging since it draws every person in the narration process. However, ensuring that such articles inform the audiences need criteria. Five basic tips should be followed when developing a photo essay. First, it is relevant to draw up a topic. Photo essays are dynamic hence subject matters a lot. The topic should be informative besides and should be engaging. Secondly, the photographer or journalist should do research concerning the topic.  The person concerned should investigate the interest of the topic hence will ensure proper planning. Thirdly, it is critical to find the real story. Upon completion of the research, it is important to determine the best criteria to follow in the development of the story. Besides, the photo essay should revolve around core values and emotions that engage the audience.  The audience needs to be excited. However, it is important not to manipulate the audience’s emotions. Conversely, the emotions should be used as a connecting point between the essay and the audience.  Lastly, it is important to plan and choose a purpose for the photographs or shots.  A photo essay that is in the form of narration should either be visualized or should give emotional concepts through creativity.

In conclusion, photo essays have been used for a long time to document events and for enhancement of beauty as well as for educational purposes. One aspect of photo essay involves the technique of engaging the viewers through their emotions. Therefore, online essay writing help provides students with techniques and skills to capture the audiences besides informing them of the topic fully.

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