Cool Gadgets

Heat Sock EX – socks for terrible frost

-20 Degrees Celsius, Heat electric heated socks Sock EX deserve appreciated. Feed from a laptop battery (Li-Ion, 4700 mAh) and offers a range of about three to 10 o’clock, depending on desired heat level (five-step intensity). Heat Sock EX – socks for terrible frost Unfortunately for potential willing, these socks should be ordered just in…

Photo Gadgets

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 for Perfomance

Panasonic TS2, the latest creation for Japanese amateur photographers and amateurs of extreme hiking, immersed in water resistant to 10 meters deep, can give you its functionality even at -10 degrees Celsius. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 Temperatures in this period hurt but all accounts engineers from Panasonic puts a little bad light. Next time we hope…

Gadget News

New targeting options for AdWords mobile ads

Google recently announced the implementation of new options for targeting AdWords mobile ads type on mobile terminals with full Internet browsers such as iPhone. New targeting options for AdWords mobile ads Using this option, customers can target certain handsets or telephone operators. This function will achieve a particular public, with a message focused on a…

Phone Gadgets

Android gets a new look

Owners of Android phones available today have an interesting alternative to the main screen – SlideScreen. Android gets a new look Classic array place of icons is taken from a list of information, each element being associated with the application of origin.

Gadget News

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 ready next week?

Sources of intelligence from Boy Genius Report have done its job and have learned all they could learn about the new iPhone OS 4.0, release date not yet known. Apple iPhone OS 4.0 This „secret agent” said that the new OS will come with multi-touch support on the entire platform, making it fully compatible with…

Cool Gadgets

Flexible Screen Phone by Nokia

This is Nokia Morph and I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In short, a concept phone that is 100% flexible, seemingly impossible. Here, however, the Finns show that have already made the first concrete step and had a patent for flexible display for mobile devices. Morph Concept – Flexible Screen Phone by Nokia And other…