Pagani Utopia Hypercar has 864 HP

Pagani Utopia

Pagani has unveiled its latest hypercar, the Pagani Utopia and the car comes with a massive 864 horsepower and 1100 Nm of torque, the car comes with some impressive performance.

The car weighs just 1,280 Kg and it features a V12 with twin turbos from Mercedes AMG, it also comes with 21 or 22-inch forged alloys and Brembo carbon ceramic brakes.

Pagani Utopia

The Pagani V12 engine, a 6-liter biturbo specially built by Mercedes-AMG for Pagani, is the result of an enormous development work: it delivers 864 bhp and, above all, a prodigious 1100 Nm of torque. It revs higher and is both more flexible and more powerful while meeting the most stringent emissions regulations, including those in force in California.

For the transmission of the choice was a philosophical one. It would not be a dual-clutch transmission which is efficient, but heavy and robs the driver of the ability to set the pace of the car’s acceleration. Instead, Pagani turned to the most prestigious motorsport and high performance automotive transmission manufacturer, Xtrac, to develop the quickest shifting gearbox with helical gears possible. It is compact, light and transversely mounted for an optimized center of gravity.

Pagani Utopia

You can find out more details about the new Pagani Utopia hypercar over at the Pagani website at the link below, as yet there are no details on pricing.

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