Nokia N9 Review and Photos

Nokia N9 Nowadays, if you want to be seen as cool and interesting, you have to own a gadget. New things attract new people, so in order to keep up with the world, you need to adapt to its requirements. But the best part of this deal is that besides having an awesome look, you can take benefit of many advantages. For example, when buying a telephone, this will be able to take pictures, record videos, establish connections via internet and many other useful applications.

Speaking of phone, Nokia has recently revealed the pattern of a new smart phone called Nokia N9 which will be released later this year. Apart from having a special design, the new Nokia N9 is an all-screen device that turns the experience of using your phone into a wonderful journey. Because all you have to do is swipe, you don’t need menu buttons or any other complicated keys. All you have to do is run from one application to another, easy and fast.

What features make the new Nokia N9 so great?

With the help of an 8 MP camera (improved with a wide angle from Carl Zeiss optics) you will be able to compete with some of the best trained photographers. This feature is comparable with any HTC camera phone on the market.

Nokia N9 assures your constant contact with friends and families, through online applications (internet, chat, web, social networks, secure accounts etc.) or advanced SMS options.

Secondly, you have the certainty that using Nokia N9, you will never get lost, no matter what country you visit. An accurate system of navigation is working for you in order to find the best route and drive you home safely. And while you are driving through amazing locations, you might want to have a camera with you to immortalize your unique adventure. With the help of an 8 MP camera (improved with a wide angle from Carl Zeiss optics) you will be able to compete with some of the best trained photographers. Not to mention the HD videos which you can afterwards share on various social networks (Facebook, YouTube).

And last but not least, Nokia N9 is always ready to entertain you. The entire experience of listening to the newest music, watching your favorite movies or playing the coolest games turns into an exclusive opportunity. And you can do this regardless of place and time. If you add to this the world known applications (Vimeo, twitter, Skype, Accuweather, Wi-Fi Hotspot etc.) you got yourself the perfect multifunctional gadget.

How much do I have to pay for this pleasure called Nokia N9?

Given the fact that Nokia N9 is still a project, its price is still unknown but prepare for a pricy offer. Who knows, maybe until the moment they decide to release it, they will add other features (if possible) so that you won’t feel extra-charged for a simple phone.
Although, if you ask me, is not a simple phone, taking into consideration that it can do pretty much everything, except cook or clean the dishes. So its price is justified.
It depends on its meaning for the person who buys it. There is no point in buying a fancy phone if you are not going to use at its maximum power, right?

Nokia N9 Conclusions

In other words, Nokia N9 is the creative result of resourcefulness and hard work dedicated to satisfying your needs. So why not take advantage of it while you have it? Nokia N9 not only it will help you economize due to its various features, but it will also make you feel gooood!