Nokia C3 Review and Photos

Nokia C3
Nowadays, the society in which we live in, demands us to be always alert and in contact with other people. For that to happen we need to be equipped with the best technological devices (telephones, computers, laptops, iPods etc.), that can provide us the best connectivity and speed possible.

Nokia C3 Review

Nokia, the wide known brand, has recently released its new and exquisite model: Nokia C3 QWERTY smartphone. Even if, at a first glance this telephone is not very different from the others (especially if we think about the “touch-screen fever” that has “corrupted” almost every breathing soul), you will discover that it is an updated and fine crafted version of Nokia 72.
Starting from its breathtaking, metallic colors: slate grey, golden white and hot pink (this was made especially for you, ladies!) and continuing with its various applications (Nokia Messaging Service 3.0 for Email/ Chat/Communities), Nokia C3 it’s a must have of the season.

And because most of us search for a phone that looks cool, Nokia has decided for Nokia C3 to opt for a sleek design with a 2.4” landscape display that enforces the idea of elegance and sophistication. And if you add to this the QWERTY keyboards that facilitate messaging and email verification, you got yourself a perfect phone that encourages you to communicate more. The newest applications available through Ovi Mail/ Chat, Windows Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or Google Talk will allow you to chat with your family or friends from all around the world.

And don’t forget that this phone has multiple utilities so that it offers you the possibility of taking photos and recording videos of the highest quality – that can be stored in the wide space of 55 MB(internal memory) or 8 GB (expandable memory)- with a 2 megapixel camera. In addition to this, you are given the opportunity of listening to your favorite music (radio, downloaded tracks from Ovi Music Store, transferred from your computer, or other phones through Bluetooth etc.) any time you want without any restrictions. A fast internet connection contributes to satisfying your everyday needs without any extra fees.

We recommend Nokia C3

Taking these elements into consideration, I recommend you take a look at this innovative and stylish mobile phone if you are ever in search of a new gadget. Even if you don’t choose this type of phone, don’t let yourself trapped by conspicuous adds that offer nothing but promises. When you are looking for a new gadget make sure that it has a gorgeous design but is also equipped with all the necessary applications and utilities. You wouldn’t want to pay extra for second-hand quality!

These being said, happy “gadgeting” everybody!

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