Motors App

The motors App, available from the iTunes App store or by following links on its creator site It is an invaluable net based tool which will give you a choice of many more desirable second hand cars from than you could ever track down using purely human resources.

The used cars market used to be largely inflexible when it came to finding a car that fitted your needs. You were presented with a narrow choice available from a handful of local dealerships, often lumbering you with a car that wasn’t ideal for your needs and didn’t fall comfortably into your price range.

Motors App

With the advent of the internet search engine, those days are gone. The motors App works in conjunction with – the second largest used car classified network in the UK with over 150,000 motors currently listed.
The motors App allows you to input a range of selection criteria before it tracks down a shortlist of cars which fall under your specified fields. You can commit to a broad search and then shortlist a chosen few, or you can be highly exacting in your initial search criteria. The combination of the motors App search preferences and the vast database of used cars available from is a formidable one.

The motors App eliminates all of the work associated with trawling through classified ads, thumbing through countless local papers, and wandering around numerous garage forecourts. Available on your iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad and completely free of charge, the motors App version 3.2 is an upgraded version of the previous motors App which claims to have ironed out any bugs.

The listed cars are sourced from private sellers, used car dealerships, car supermarkets and other garages of various sizes. Whether you want a car immediately or merely if you enjoy keeping tabs on the used market in case a bargain crops up, the motors App is a worthy acquisition.