iPod Touch Review

iPod touch has won an incredible fame across the world. It is widely referred as an iPhone designed without the phone. The latest iPod touch has all the exceptional features like the iPhone’s. It includes all the essential features including big screen, 16 GB, 32 GB storage capacities, WiFi connection and other features of the iPhones. You do not have to pay anything extra, as the iPod has everything of an iPhone. With the iPod touch, you can effortlessly load the songs as its storage is extensive and you can even upgrade it as well.

iPod Touch

This exclusive device is designed, developed and marketed by the brand masters Apple Inc. Being featured for multiple usages; it has a media player that is portable and convenient for use. It has the ability to store a long list audio files, music and even high resolution pictures. Secondly, the iPod touch helps the user with digital assistant. Next is its Wi-Fi internet platform. It facilitates an enhanced browsing whereby you can stay connected with your friends and friends online. This device was introduced some few years back, and now it has been the best sold and most sought after device in the world market.

The graphical interface helps you to experience the similarities of an iPhone. In addition, you can download the software directly to the iPod touch device without having additional transformation from the personal computer. Apple proudly states that, it has sold more than 32 million copies of iPod touch until the year 2009. This shows that, iPod touch has captivated the attention of worldwide users. The second version of Apple iPod touch was launched at Let’s Rock in the year 2008. With some improvements, the iPod touch was introduced with built-in speakers, Bluetooth support, external volume keys, in-built Nike+ and several more. Yet another important feature that second version iPod touch has is its microphone.

The 3rd generation iPod Touch has its default iOS 3.1 and it is designed with voice controller, earphones, light sensor, microphone, bundled earphone and touchlines. Its battery life is comparatively less when compared to the previous version. The 3rd generation iPod touch comes with an efficient hardware that includes graphical unit, RAM, microprocessors and 3 GS. The 2nd and 3rd generation is updated with iOS 4.x and it features GPS and camera.

The 4th generation iPod has iOS 4.1 has game center with its home screen. This type of device has 2 cameras one is the HD photos and the other is the FaceTime along with the video recording.

It facilitates a faster processing speed and the 3 axis sensor that will demonstrate how classic the iPod is. They are easily movable and they can be carried in any direction, which in turn gives potential internet connection. The iPod touch can support landscape left, right and portrait orientations, which adds the ability for Facetime functionality with the Wi-Fi. Its exceptional features make it unique and it gives the possibility of compatible usage.