HTC announce 4G Sensation delays

HTC 4G Sensation
Those smartphone enthusiasts who were hoping to get their hands on the impending 4G Sensation from mobile manufacturers HTC may have to wait a little bit longer than first thought…

The news comes as mobile provider T-Mobile have just recently announced the release date for HTC’s latest offering, which comes after that which was initially rumoured. This latest information comes as a minor setback to all those HTC fans, who were keen to try out the latest gadget from the increasingly-popular manufacturer.

A brief glance at the HTC Sensation 4G’s specifications quickly reveals why there are so many smartphone enthusiasts who are eager to get a hold of the device; it comes well-stocked with an impressive list of the latest features, including, a HD display (960×540), a nippy dual-core processor and a 4G connection – a list of specs that many say give it the potential to become one of HTC’s new flagship smartphones.

The mobile phone has been gathering a great deal of attention since it was announced in April; much of the attention comes from smartphone users with a greater-than-normal interest in its potential audio-visual capabilities.The HTC Sensation is going to be released with services (HTC Watch and T-Mobile TV), that will grant users access to the latest films and television, all of which can be enjoyed on its huge 4.3-inch Super-LCD touchscreen.

The due date for the HTC Sensation 4G is June 15th; from that point onwards it will be available in all of T-Mobile high-street stores, as well as from their website/online shop.