Hot and Cold Mug Review

Hot and Cold Mug In order to stay in good health, we need to maintain our bodies well feed, rested and hydrated. If everyone knows that food and rest can sometimes be dismissed, without drinking lots of liquids our body will dehydrate and start acting in many different and unpleasant ways.

In order to prevent that, during one day we should drink lots of fluids (water, juice, coffee) that will keep us moving and give us a buzz of energy. But what is actually annoying when you are trying to have a cup of coffee, tea or anything that is hot, is that you always risk to burn your tongue. Unfortunately, this happens to me a lot, especially when I go out and order hot drinks, and the waiter forgets to tell me how hot my beverage is. But I can’t put the blame only on the waiters, since I usually end up mixing cups at my office.

Hot and Cold Mug is an amazing gadget

A solution to my problem is the absolutely amazing gadget Hot and Cold Mug. Many of you might not think of it as a very complex device, but if you look back and remember the days when our ancestors hunted with wooden tools and drank water directly from rivers, I think we’ve come a long way. If you are wondering about the way in which this wonderful gadget works, find out that it changes its color according to the drink you put inside. If you decide to have a cup of water (I presume that you all drink your water cool and not boiled) the color of the Hot and Cold Mug will turn into a deep blue color having the word “cold” written in white font, on one side. When you’ve decided that you drank enough water and want to change to hot coffee, the color of the mug will turn into white with the word “hot” displayed in red letters.

Use Hot and Cold Mug to track your drinks

Pretty awesome, right? The Hot and Cold Mug is actually an innovative product since it helps you keep track of your drinks (which is hot and which is cold) and prevents your tongue from getting burnt. In addition to this, you have the advantage of having a very fashionable mug, that changes its color from blue to white, and has the duo-like appearance when the transformation from one state to the other begins.

Hot and Cold Mug price

And, you can use it as an excuse to take another brake. You have to go for a refill since your mug has turned blue and thus indicating that your drink is cold. And we all know that a visit to the “coffee” room is a great way of catching up and meeting again with the hot guy/girl from the third floor.

The only down side to this mug is its price, which will be considered a bit exaggerate for a mug (around $25), but I believe is worth every penny of it. You can start by buying one for your house, just to test it, and then convince yourself if a mug like this deserves all the trouble.

As a conclusion, the Hot and Cold Mug will impress everyone with its charm and dual appearance, not to mention that it will prove its usefulness in the toughest moments of the morning.