Experience Motherhood with the Pregnancy Simulator

Being pregnant is definitely a „girl’s thing”, but sometimes we would wish that men know what we are dealing with. Thanks to a Japanese institute, called Kanagawa Institute of Technology everyone is now able to feel the „labors of pregnancy”.

The Mummy Tummy Pregnancy Simulator is a system that imitates a pregnant belly reaching a full size in only 2 minutes and is connected to a jacket that has rubber balloons, vibrators, a water bag, touch sensors, and air actuators.

It is like carrying a real baby, because it simulates the actual weight and temperature of the fetus. You can also attach it to the father and have him feel the kicking too.

It is a really interesting and beautiful invention, because we will all be parents sooner or later and it is good to know what to expect. More or less!

















Source: www.gizmodiva.com

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