Do you have a Spare One?

Remember when you were young (because I can’t) and your life was not glued to all these technological devices like phones, tablets, laptops and so on? Oh, those were the days my friend!

Of course, times have changed, but try to go out know without having your telephone. Panic alert!

Don’t worry, because you have the Spare One phone, the single phone that can offer you up to 10 hours of talk time and a warranty of 15 years if you leave it unused.Powered by a single AA battery, this phone is the perfect way to leave your kids without any excuse to contact you if they are late.

But the good side is that in case something happens, the Spare One will be your closest friend in need. Costing around $50, this gadget will be the most popular one on sale.

You can find out more information here!


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