Cool Temperature Control Faucet Light

Temperature Control Faucet Light

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I love this cool temperature control faucet light for a long time, since I’ve seen its advertising on the TV and then I’ve found it on many internet pages. I’ve read all the comments and reviews about it and now I’m more than happy to write about it, having one. Mini in the Box sent one temperature control faucet light for review and I will present you all the benefits of having one.

Temperature Control Faucet Light

You can purchase the Temperature Controlled Faucet Light from for only $6.99, where you can find other LED Faucet Lights available.

This is the second generation faucet light and it comes with two adapters, which makes it easier to fit on any type of faucets.

Temperature Control Faucet Light

Let me explain about the lights. Well, on its first turn on the hot part and the water is still cold, the light is blue. When the water temperature reaches around 39°C, the light turns red as an alert to you that the water is hot. If the water is cold, between 0 and 28℃ the light is green.

Temperature Control Faucet Light

Is that simple: this cool temperature control faucet light changes in three colors when the water temperature changes.

I think it is perfect for kids, because we all know that they are more receptive in terms of colors.

I love to see colorful light stream to my faucet, so I recommend you to get more of these if you need to make gifts to many people and don’t have much to spend.

Enjoy all photos and find out more about Temperature Control Faucet Light at

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