The Advantages of Using a VPN

People often associate using a VPN with some sort of shady, illicit activity, but that’s a common misconception. There are a variety of legitimate reasons to use a VPN, but first I’ll explain what a VPN is. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a remote server that…


Don’t Get Left Behind in the Digital Age

Don’t Get Left Behind in the Digital Age The modern day business environment is a constantly changing one, and any company that fails to embrace the technological advances is taking a major gamble. Remaining loyal to outdated methods of working will inevitably lead to the organisation gradually being left behind by rivals and losing the…

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Chromebook – Google Chrome OS on Acer and Samsung

During the Google I/0 2011 conference, there was an announcement made about the Chromebook operating system. This term basically describes all notebooks that support the Chrome operating system. The two manufacturers featured are Acer and Samsung, announced by Sundar Pichai. The Chromebook wants to reinvent and redesign the whole PC experience while solely focusing on…

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Why You Need To Look For IT Jobs In London?

After high school, it is always everyone’s dream to get a well paying job. Finding good jobs after college is a challenge to many scholars. Information Technology is one of those career courses that guarantee you quick jobs. If you cannot find work in your country, you can try oversees countries. London is the largest…


The Future is Laptop

Laptops have become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing the awesome power of a PC to be carried around in a standard sized bag or case. In the last 18 months, many companies have been involved with the struggle to combine craftsmanship and the latest technology, in order to get the edge in the market….