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Silicone Sports Watch – Pink

Photo Credits: Silicone Sports Watch is a trendy and feminine pink watch. It is made of Eco friendly Silicone rubber and is ionized. What does this mean to you? Today, pollution and stress has taken a toll on everybody’s lives. Stress is a chief culprit of life threatening conditions including hypertension and cardiac problems….

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Be in shape with Hello Kitty!

Starting an exercise program has always been my dream, but more than often I used to find excuses like „I will start on Monday”or „I don’t have the right outfit” and quit the whole thing. Those who identify themselves with this statement, are invited to check out the latest ASICS collection signed by Hello Kitty….

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Play Golf at Home

Golf is a pretty popular game and the big number of fans proves this over and over again. But what happens when you simply want to eliminate all your frustrations by playing a round of golf, but you have to drive for miles in order to get to the club? You can improvise. Buying the…

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Wii Fit Workout Accessories

This kit includes weights and balance board stepper. It is a gaming accessory for men that help them in shading weight and keeping fit. You use the Wii weights that change the remote into dumbbells. They increase equal weight at the edges of the remote without interfering with the controller’s button, strap and IR function….

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Record crowds pack Castle Mountain

Record crowds pack Castle Mountain Near-record snowfall and warm conditions made for an epic day of skiing last Saturday at Castle Mountain. According to Andrew Rusnyk, assistant general manager of Castle Mountain Resort, the mountain had a record attendance.[…] Read more on Crowsnest Pass Promoter 2 states to focus on distracted pedestrians LITTLE ROCK—Attention texting…

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Slimline Massa struggling with his buttons Ferrari’s Felipe Massa cannot afford to comfort eat after his disappointing 2010 season as he believes his slight frame could be his biggest advantage in this Formula One season. Read more on Reuters via Yahoo! UK & Ireland Sport on tech innovation in health and fitness and beyond Last…