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Twitter ad products

Twitter’s advertisement items program prospective, however the company may not be in a position to turn it is system directly into a powerful indispensable appliance for marketers, mentioned Larry Chiagouris, a marketing and advertising professor at just Rate College in Brand-new York. Twitter has got sunk a countless money directly into leveraging it is fast…


Can I Take Your Picture?

Secrecy and mystery are two things that everyone enjoys once in a while. Therefore the following gadget will just fill your shady life with pleasure: it is the Cloak Camera Bag which helps you take pictures and disguise it under the „clothes” of a bag. Made of  a water resistant fabric, the Cloak Camera can…

Other Computers and Technology

The Wonder Tablet

Tablets are more popular nowadays for their practical side, fashionable design and easy access. This is why, the Multi-Touch Screen Google Android 2.2 Tablet PC was so well received. It has everything you could hope for. A  Google Android OS 2.2 operating system, , 512 MB memory, a built-in 4GB NAND FLASH, support SDHC TF…