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The Hottest Sony Laptops!

It is all about summer! And color! Bright, neon colors which will lighten up your day without too much effort. So how could we refuse Sony’s hottest productions of  laptops– The Viao, C, E and F Series, which include the best summer inspired drawings. The possibilities are various, maybe destined to women, who enjoy their…


New iBook application form Apple

  I don’t know whether the technological era is the best choice for everyone, but what is pretty obvious is the fact that it makes our lives easier with every new discovery. Apple is one of the brands that definitely knows how to work in order to create the perfect learning environment for us. The…


LG and the Z330 book

In order to remain afloat in this competitive world, LG has found a new method to demonstrate its power. And this is called  the Z330 book. This cool device looks more like a MacBook weighting less than 2.7 pounds. Its stylish design includes  a 13 inch screen, colored with tasteful shades of black and silver….

Office Gadgets

Wake up and shoot for a new day!

Mugs are important objects in one’s life and more then often they are associated with the notions of  „morning”, „coffee” and a „good mood”. Therefore, in order to accomplish all this objectives we need something that can improve our daily spirit and create a positive atmosphere. The Super Gun Mug is the perfect item for…