Another Premiere for Apple!

Apple will remain a legend regardless of any disadvantages that may occur in life. So why not continue with the innovations that made it famous and unveil the latest Next Generation MacBook Pro with Retina Display? Yes it is true! It is the first Retina display laptop in the WORLD! And besides this, the MacBook…


LG and the Z330 book

In order to remain afloat in this competitive world, LG has found a new method to demonstrate its power. And this is called  the Z330 book. This cool device looks more like a MacBook weighting less than 2.7 pounds. Its stylish design includes  a 13 inch screen, colored with tasteful shades of black and silver….


Amazing Portable USB Monitor

When traveling many gadgets that make our life easier at home or at the office, disappear because we don’t have the space or opportunity to carry them with us. Now, we can take a step forward in easing our life, with the help of the new portable USB monitor, which has the perfect features. This…


Elegant Samsung Series 9

September is here, so some of us have already began to think about Christmas and  gifts ideas. Since we don’t want to break the tradition, we would like to present a cool and fresh laptop which is going to be the star of the season. Of course, you have to have at least one parent…


The Coolest DJ Laptop

Music is everywhere. Whether we go for a walk, wait for the bus, or go at a party, we enjoy listening to music.  And with DJ Sound Control any one of  you can become a little DJ. This laptop was originally Lenovo’s A700, but Chris Blarsky transformed it into a true star.  It features a…


Sony VAIO Z Short Review

Sony will probably remain one of the best known brands from all around the world. And it keeps proving that, over and over again. The new series Sony VAIO Z promises to be as good as the rest of the products that made it famous, if not, better. With outstanding features ( Blu-ray disc slot,…