Pepsi introduces the Social Vending machine

Pepsi connects to social media via Social Vending machine, a device through which you can send beverage gifts (from Pepsi, obviously) to friends. Equipped with touch-screen interface, the Social Vending machine allows you to buy, gift or redeem a drink, or connect to the Pepsi Refresh Project. By choosing the “gift” option, you are required…

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Join SocialSpark with me

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. We have joined SocialSpark, and since that we’ve had only great experiences. Here, you can make a lot of friends and you can join a community specialized in sponsored conversations. If you want to meet new opportunities, to…

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12 Happy Years for Google

The American company Google is celebrating 12 years since it have made easier the search on Internet and it is offering a big and nice cake. The company was registered on September 4, 1998, the first technical specification was on September 20, 1998, but Google like to celebrate on September 27 (maybe their lucky number)….

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Nokia and Yahoo! Doing Great Business

Nokia şi Yahoo! Are doing a great partnership under the name Project Nike, that means that some of Nokia’s offers would be under Yahoo! Brand and some Yahoo! Offers would be under Nokia’s brand. So, the Nokia Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat would use Yahoo! Technologies with Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger application.

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Google search engine was closed in China

After many months of thinking, Google decided to leave China. We all know that the Google Search Engine censored searches from China, but now it decided to stop its working there, so, the Chinese that wants to search on Google will be redirected to Hong Kong server. Google announced its decision to renounce the censure…

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Yahoo turns to mobile web share

Yahoo is changing its approach to the mobile segment of the web, putting mobile division, in reorganization. Yahoo turns to mobile web share Thus, the employees of rival Google from mobile section will be distributed in other parts of the company, integrating elements of mobile web in them. The move is due to Management’s Carol…