Silicone Sports Watch
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Silicone Sports Watch – Pink

Photo Credits: Silicone Sports Watch is a trendy and feminine pink watch. It is made of Eco friendly Silicone rubber and is ionized. What does this mean to you? Today, pollution and stress has taken a toll on everybody’s lives. Stress is a chief culprit of life threatening conditions including hypertension and cardiac problems….

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ASUS announce release of revolutionary new PadFone handset

The boundaries that separate the tablet computer from the smartphone are becoming increasingly blurred thanks to touchscreen technology and ever-improving hardware. Now it seems that electronics manufacturer ASUS are about to add more confusion to the situation, as they announce the impending release of their latest smartphone/tablet device: the PadFone. The PadFone has been causing…

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HTC announce 4G Sensation delays

Those smartphone enthusiasts who were hoping to get their hands on the impending 4G Sensation from mobile manufacturers HTC may have to wait a little bit longer than first thought… The news comes as mobile provider T-Mobile have just recently announced the release date for HTC’s latest offering, which comes after that which was initially…

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iPod Touch Review

iPod touch has won an incredible fame across the world. It is widely referred as an iPhone designed without the phone. The latest iPod touch has all the exceptional features like the iPhone’s. It includes all the essential features including big screen, 16 GB, 32 GB storage capacities, WiFi connection and other features of the…

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Cool Temperature Control Faucet Light

Image Credits: I love this cool temperature control faucet light for a long time, since I’ve seen its advertising on the TV and then I’ve found it on many internet pages. I’ve read all the comments and reviews about it and now I’m more than happy to write about it, having one. Mini in…