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Kitty by another name

Kitty by another name Say good bye to kirtans and kitty groups, barter and Botox instead – over a party! Urban women no longer require kitty parties as an excuse to get together. Still sticking to the mantra of ‘women bonding’ they are devising ways to spend more quality and fun time with one another….

iPod Nano Watch

Cool iPod Nano Watch

An iPod Nano watch seems to be a great idea, that’s why Scott Wilson wants to design it with 2 amazing bands with real multi-touch. If you don’t know who Scott Wilson is, I should tell you that he is the founder of Chicago design studio, called Minimal. He was creative director for Nike’s watches….


Adding a Google Gadget to your blog

Add thousands of Google Gadgets to your Blogger blog by following this video tutorial! Please help us improve our videos by filling out this short survey: Video Rating: 4 / 5 FAIL TOY Gene Simmons from the Rock Band KISS Plasma Funny Video Lamp Review. A Cool Kiss Electronics device Product Review Video by…