X-Rocker Gamebag Gaming Chair

Welcome to Heaven! Here you can play video games, watch movies or listen to music in the comfort of your very own X-Rocker Gamebag Gaming Chair, for professional slackers only!

X-Rocker Gamebag Gaming Chair

The chair has an amazing surround sound system that allows you to enjoy the full experience of entertainment. It comes in black and blue and features two high quality surround sound speakers, a supportive and contoured bucket style seat, a comfortable microfiber bean bag, an iPod/MP3 docking station, RCA audio inputs and an audio input jack for iPod, MP3 and PSP.

The unit connects through the audio output (or headset connection) on your TV and is compatible with HDMI and Scart. Because it’s portable and has a comfortable carrying handle, the Gamebag runs on 4 x AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about messy wires (a set of batteries can last 20-30 hours or more). It’s compatible with iPod, MP3 player, Playstation, X-Box, GameCube, PSP, Nintendo, DVDs, computers (PC and Mac), TV and stereo systems.

The X-Rocker Gamebag Gaming Chair is available at Boys Stuff for £49.95. I think I’d die rather happy in this chair. So my one question is: will it take me to the moon?
Source: boysstuff.co.uk

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