Ultimate Gamers: Choosing A PC

As any avid gamer will know, choosing your console is an incredibly big deal. If you choose the wrong gadget for your gaming, you could end up with lagging games and a bad gaming experience.


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For many gamers, buying a gaming PC is one of the biggest gaming-related investments they will make. That’s why it is so important that before choosing a gaming PC, you know exactly, what it is you need.

If you are looking for a new PC for your gaming, make sure to have a read of this. Here we have put together a simple guide to choosing a PC for ultimate gaming.


It might be a little boring, but setting a budget for your new gaming console is a must. Calculate how much you can afford to spend and then go from there. Remember, that while you want to get the best PC possible, you don’t want to break the bank buying it.

If you have your heart set on an expensive model, why not spend a few months saving up for it. That way you get the PC you want and won’t end up emptying your wallet to get it.

Take into account the games you play

Once you have worked out your budget for your new PC, the next thing to take into consideration is the type of games you play. Ask yourself, what is more important to you, the graphics hardware or the PC’s CPU performance?

If you tend to play modern warfare and shooting games, then graphics will most probably take higher priority than CPU performance. But, if fast-paced adventure games are your thing, then a PC with a fast CPU is essential.

Before making a decision about the PC you want, make sure to think about your gaming preferences and what is most important to you.

Think about the size of your PC’s display

Ask yourself whether the size of the computer screen you play on is important to you. For some gamers, the size of their consoles screen is one of the most important factors when choosing a new PC, for others it isn’t so important.

You don’t need a six-core processor

Many of the most high-end gaming computers have six-core processors. However, if you only have a smallish budget, these will be a long way out of your price range.

You might think that this will affect the gaming experience you have, but honestly, it really won’t. Believe it or not, you don’t need a six-core processor for an amazing gaming experience, so don’t worry about it if you can’t afford it.

For a budget computer that is fantastic for online gaming on sites like Playberry, have a look at getting a PC with an Intel Core i5 processor. It works just as well as a six-core processor and is a lot less expensive.

As a gamer, choosing a PC can seem like a massive challenge. But, all you need is a reliable PC with a good-ish processor and a good amount of storage space, and that’s all you need.

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