TwitterPeek for Twitter fans

Peek is the creator of a wireless terminal that allows sending e-mails on the go, with no problems. The company has now created a new product, this time for Twitter fans and bearing the name of TwitterPeek.

TwitterPeek for Twitter fans

This new portable gadget comes with an LCD display, a QWERTY keyboard and support for wireless connectivity equipment ideal for Twitter fans. Unfortunately, the terminal does not support email, Web browsing or sending SMS, focusing strictly on micro-blogging network became so popular lately.

Available at a price of $ 99, the new gadget for those of Peek comes to unlimited service package offered by the company for 6 months. Then you have to pay 7.95 a month for it, or you can pay 199 dollars for a home TwitterPeek and unlimited service. Obviously, if you are already a holder of a subscription type smartphone and use data, Twitter site will be accessible, but this gadget is interesting to mention.

You can find it on Amazon or

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