Top 10 Gadgets that will Outlast Mankind

The most wanted and shiny gadgets are usually the ones that break at the slightest bumps. Whether it’s your new smartphone with a very sensitive touch-pad or the very expensive laptop you’ve just bought, manufacturers have a way of making them sensitive enough to break, forcing you to buy more stuff. Here’s our top 10 gadgets that pass the test of endurance.

Top 10 Gadgets that will Outlast Mankind

Roberts Terrain

1. Roberts Terrain
Equipped with a 7W amplifier and built-in speaker, Terrain R9966 has a built-in LED light with flasher for night and emergency use, as well as a microphone jack output to be used as a public address system. Requires 6 D-sized batteries. Resistant to water and crashes.

2. Olympus µ 770 SW
This tough device is the world’s first compact camera that is waterproof at depths up to 10m and shockproof against falls up to 1.5m, while it can also sustain a weight of 100kg. Featuring 7.1 megapixels and 3x optical zoom with focal length, so it’s perfect for our top 10 gadgets.

3. Samsung B2100 Xtreme Edition
The strong phone has a tough rubberized housing which is waterproof (unless you open the battery cover or charger/headset cover). Lasts for up to 30min underwater, it is protected against dust and sand, while a LED can turn it into a flashlight.

4. LaCie XtremKey
This USB device is able to withstand heat, cold, pressure and water. It can supposedly be run over by a 10-ton truck and suffer no damage. Drop it from 5 meters, heat it up to 200 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees below or sink it at 100m depths. Hardware and software remain secured.


5. G-Form for great gadgets

G-Form designs strong fabrics for iPad covers, smartphones and laptops. Poron XRD has an intelligent structure which folds to absorb shocks.

6. ioSafe
ioSafe SoloPRO is an external hard-drive that is waterproof and fireproof. Lasts for 30min at temperatures up to 850 degrees Celsius. But it supports USB 3.0 and 3 Tb of storage capacity. If it fails in extreme conditions, you can retrieve your data.

7. Panasonic ToughBook 53
This gadget was originally designed for the army, due to its incredible toughness. Toughbook 53 acts like a semi-desktop, equipped with Intel i5, 4 Gb RAM, touchscreen and USB ports. The strong magnesium case and waterproof keyboard can be tested for endurance. Remains untouched.

8. Garmin Oregon 450t
This GPS can be safely thrown from a good distance to the ground or in the water. Equipped with a strong touchscreen, increased visibility, a tri-axial compass, custom dashboards and advanced track navigation features.

9. Fisher Price- digital camera/portable player
Fisher Price is a digital camera and portable player, designed for children. They are able to face their masters due to a scratch-resistant rubber and big buttons with an LCD screen.

10. The final device from our Top 10 Gadgets: SeaLife – DC1000

This underwater camera works at depths up to 60 meters. It features a 2.7-inch LCD display, 10-megapixel optical sensor and 5x optical zoom, while taking high quality pictures under the sea level, with no damage to the imaging structure.

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