Top 10 Cool Gift Ideas

I know that for all of you is pretty hard to decide what cool gift to offer to your friends, so GadgetFever wants to give you a helping hand.

No.1 – Lomo Fisheye 2

Designer: Lomo
Manufacturer: Lomo
Material(s): Plastic
Price: $70
Bottom Line: Step into the world of lomography. Fisheye lens gives you a 170° view. Try also other lomo products. It’s pure fun.

No.2 – Automoblox Modular Vehicle Playset Collection

Designer: Patrick Calello
Manufacturer: Automoblox
Material(s): wood, rubber
Price: $35
Bottom Line: A variety of modular cars. Pretty Addictive. You can buy additional parts and keep the fun going. It’s cheaper than asking a custom design to Ferrari.

No.3 – Magnetic Fly Swatter

Designer: Josh Owen
Manufacturer: Kikkerland
Material(s): Polypropylene construction with attached magnet
Price: $6
Bottom Line: This is the ultimate solution to lost swatters. Hang it by the hook or magnet. Cheapest gift idea. But pick the person carefully.

No.4 – Echelon Wine Rack

Designer: William Rhodes
Manufacturer: Echelon Products
Material(s): Satin finish aluminum
Price: $62
Bottom Line: This award-winning wine rack can store 6 bottles. Additional modules be added. A great space-saver.

No.5 – Piccino Serving Set

Designer: Ralph Kramer
Manufacturer: Mono
Material(s): Stainless Steel
Price: $65
Bottom Line: Salad spoons you can attach to the side of the bowl. You can also buy them separately. The one with the hole is to serve olives.

No.6 – Eva Solo Spice Set

Designer: Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek, Tools Design
Manufacturer: Eva
Material(s): Plastic/ stainless steel
Price: $52
Bottom Line: Received I Nuovissimi Trend Award 2001. Comes with 5 spice „jars” but up to 11 may fit in. Put the name of the spices on the lids.

No.7 – Eva Solo Cafe Solo

Designer: Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek, Tools Design
Manufacturer: Eva
Material(s): Glass, stainless steel mirror polish, silicone rubber, neoprene cover
Price: $52
Bottom Line: The patented pouring lip ensures the contents end up in your cup not on the tablecloth or desk. Received I.D.E.A. CONSUMER PRODUCTS GOLD 2005 AWARD

No.8 – Magic Bunny

Designer: Stefano Giovannoni
Manufacturer: ALESSI
Material(s): Plastic (PMMA)
Price: $24
Bottom Line: Pull up on the „Bunnies” ears and the toothpicks appear from the Top Hat holder. A smile guaranteed.

No.9 – Magnito Salt & Pepper Shakers

Designer: Josh Owen
Manufacturer: Kikkerland
Material(s): Metal and plastic
Price: $10
Bottom Line: Keep them separate or together. The ingredients don’t mix because of the placement of the holes. Received 2005 GOOD DESIGN Award from The Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design Competition.

No.10 – „Mr. Suicide” Bath Tub Plug

Designer: Massimo Giacon
Manufacturer: ALESSI
Material(s): Plastic with stainless steel chain
Price: $27
Bottom Line: No more reaching for the plug. You have Mr. Suicide floating.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for writing this. It really made my day 🙂

  2. Gregory Despain spune:

    I really think that this blog can help people. Well done 🙂