TokyoFlash move to wireless phone accessories

TokyoFlash, a company well-known for its produces of abstract watches, decided to do something for media lovers: a device able to connect via Bluetooth to phones and MP3 players, thus facilitating communication and listening. This is ideal for drivers and for girls, if you want to wear those gadgets in your bag.

TokyoFlash move to wireless phone accessories

The device, called Kisai Escape C Pod it’s wearing at the neck and allows connecting headphones with 3.5mm plug. Abstract lovers will not be disappointed: pendant high-tech, though no display, indicating time by means of LEDs only apparent effect.

TokyoFlash move to wireless phone accessories

Kisa C Escape Pod will be sold at a price not exceeding $ 180. The date will become available, but is not yet specified, and as presented things we tend to believe that we’ll not wait longer.

TokyoFlash move to wireless phone accessories
Source: Technabob

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