Tips for Contact Lens Care

Tips for Contact Lens Care

Let’s begin with something stupid and obvious: we have just one pair of eyes so we need to be careful about the choice of contact lenses. Alright, with that thing clear, let’s begin with some contact lens handling tips.

• Whenever you handle your lenses, wash and dry your hands. This goes for each and every time- even when you are removing them. You can use warm water and a towel to clean your hands.

• Use the lens cleaner that was recommended by your eye care expert.

• Always follow instructions- for the lenses, lens cleaners, drops, and other things

• Clean the lenses after each use. Make sure they are dry before you put them on. Change the lens case after a month.

• Always get lenses from a trusted source. For example 1-800 CONTACTS is a trusted website for best contact lenses. They have the best contact lenses at lowest possible prices.

• Check the lenses before putting them on. If they are flaring out rather than looking like a cup, then they are inside out.

• Do not change the drops or solution without consulting an eye care expert. Different contact lenses have different cleaning needs. For example, if you are using Acuvue contact lenses, you must use the cleaning products recommended by them.

• Your eye makeup should be safe for the lenses.

• Do not clean your lenses with water. Use just the solution recommended to you.

• Never mix lens cleaning solutions.

• Before you enter a pool or a hot tub, take off your lenses.

• Do not sleep wearing the contacts. When you sleep, your lenses might get dry and stick to your eyes.

• Do not wear the lenses that have crossed their expiration dates. Daily lenses should be worn just one day, not two.

• If you notice any redness, blurry vision, or itching, remove the lens immediately and visit an eye care expert.

• Do not use someone else’s lenses- even if they are non-prescription colored contacts.

• Since contacts make your eyes more sensitive, wear a hat and sunglasses when you are out in the sun.

• Make sure your eyes are lubricated- use a rewetting solution as suggested by an eye care expert.

• First wear contacts, and then apply makeup. This will avoid contamination.

• When you have to remove makeup, first remove your lenses.

• This should be pretty obvious- do not spit on the lenses to clean them. Also, don’t put them in your mouth.

• The tip of the lens cleaning bottle should not touch anything- not even your finger. If the tip gets dirty, the solution will also get dirty.

If you are confused about what to do, just ask a professional.

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