The Origami Stroller for Smart Mommies!

Mommies, mommies you have it so easy nowadays!

Since Mother’s Day was  right around the corner, at the Ellen’s Mother’s Day Show, almost 400 pregnant mommies received great gifts, among which an interesting high tech baby carrier.

Known under the name of Origami stroller signed by 4Moms, this gorgeous thing is way above the other in one particular way: if you press one button, it folds itself nice and easy.

And this is not the only good thing about it. No,no. It also features a  an adjustable back recline, day-time running lights, pathway lights, self charging facility, spacious storage shaft, LCD dashboard, cell phone and a charging socket.

And you will never believe who contributed for its creating: Kourtney Kardashian. It must be hard for her with all that busy schedule.

But it is useful for the rest of us, right? So yeeapy for all the smart mommies who actually do something to ease their work.

Check out the video!

Meet the 4moms Origami


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