The final „No Time to Die” trailer suggests that it is indeed time to die now

Daniel Craig's James Bond looks at a wall full of colored vials.

No Mister Bond, we expect you don’t have time to die!Screenshot: MGM

No time to die was one of the earliest films to be dropped from the release schedule in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic pushed back further and further how the state of the world has evolved over the past 18 months. And the wasn’t even the first delay! But now Mister Bond has set himself the goal of delivering one last adventure with Daniel Craig.

That is optimistic final Trailer for the film, No time to dieThe latest footage underscores that this is the end of Craig’s take on the legendary British spy after he was first seen in Casino royale fifteen years ago. Now, with secrets to unravel and a sinister new masked villain in Rami Maleks Safin on the hunt, Craig’s 007 looks like going out with a bang.

No time to die should hit theaters on October 8th. Probably. Maybe. Probably at this point, we hope.

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