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What Are The Benefits Of Using 3D Printing? 3D printing is a process of creating 3D objects that are solid right from a digital file. The layers of the material are made until the dimensions and size required are achieved. For this process, there are some special 3D printers that are being used. The process has quickly jumped to popularity mainly because it is allowing people to become as creative as they can and make a solid object that they are interested for many different purposes and uses. This kind of printing is enjoyed by many primarily because of the numerous benefits that come with it. Number 1. Minimizing time to bring great concept to reality – you may have your concept design brought to life the same day you’ve come up with it. Through this, you are actually reducing the time to introduce it to your market and start on making sales. You can use this to your advantage to stay ahead of your competition if you are running a company. Number 2. Saves money – the reason why this becomes possible as you will not need to buy molding tools for the prototype of your product and other expensive productions. The rates of additive manufacturing are lower than conventional machining option and that is for sure.
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Number 3. Mitigating risks – this is true especially for making big investment and also, you are able to redesign or alter an existing mold easily without having to deal with expensive processes and risks.
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Number 4. Clearer communication – one thing that many people love on using 3D printing is that there’s no construction requirement left to imagination. The reason behind this is that, it can offer the exact product representation while considerably minimizing errors on finished products. Number 5. Get instant feedback – since you can have the end product quickly, you can present it to your business partners and target audience and hear about their reactions before going to full production. This is an effective way to test the potential of your product in the market before you get it in production with full force. Also, it is a simple yet very effective way to make improvements before doing mass production. Number 6. Having a feel of the product – as what said in the earlier paragraphs, the prototype can be obtained right the same day you have designed it, which gives an opportunity to have a feeling of what the product feels in our senses. And this is without a doubt something that is impossible to achieve when using a virtual prototype on a computer or photos. You have the chance of verifying the ergonomics and fit of the product through this.

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