The Dangers of Social Networking: “Facebook Depression”

Most of us spend time on social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. While our maturity stop us (or a part of us) from crossing a line, teens are in danger of falling into a depression.


Teens spend so much time online that they lose all contact with reality. Do you need proof on that? Have you noticed they don’t meet their friends for coffee? They just… „hang out” online. They share their most personal experiences with the entire world, hoping that they will gain some sort of trusted community to rely on. And when something fails, all hell breaks loose.

For example, there have been plenty of couples that have broken up due to some „event” that took place on Facebook: an inappropriate picture, a peculiar „added friend”, a suspicious „like”. Kids get competitive and jealous even when they read the bigger number of friends at someone else, or the successes others have. Unfortunately, teens read too much into this and fall in despair.

The online environment and social networking present a real risk of negatively influencing our children. The best thing we can do is take a stand and make sure they lead a normal life – spend more time outdoor, practice sports, be part of clubs.