The Cool Biscuit Digital Camera

Oh my God, Oh my god!

My dream has finally become true: a camera that is small enough to fit into your wallet or use it as a keychain. And the best thing is that it is shaped as a biscuit!

This wonderful Biscuit Digital Camera made by Fuuvi is exactly everything you need in your life. Due to the built-in chain and key ring, you will be able to have it at reach with every occasion. And because of its „tasty”design (biscuit with 3 colors or flavors if you want: regular, chocolate and strawberry) and measures (1.63 x 2.29 x 2.34 inches) you can carry it around all the time.

When talking of technology, this Fuuvi has an internal memory that can host up to 25 VGA pictures or 100 QVGA images, and up to 17 seconds of silent AVI videos. Not much, but good enough.

Its price can vary between $40 or $60, depending on the place you buy it from.

Sounds …..delicious!


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