The car that runs with coffee beans

Great news! It appeared the car that works with coffee instead of gasoline or electricity!

The car that runs with coffee beans

Unusual, the car reaches 100 km / h and stays well within the emission of carbon dioxide. The British built it more in play, to demonstrate the diversity of ecological solutions.

The car that runs with coffee beans

The prototype is a modified 1998 Volkswagen Scirocco and the tuning preparation cost 400 pounds.

The car that runs with coffee beans

For each kilometer, the car eats more coffee beans – about how many would be to prepare 35 espresso. In its current form, is 50 times more expensive than the normal one. In addition, drivers would have a problem. It should fill the container with coffee beans at 20, up to 25 km. The initiative is, however, interesting.
[Source: Go4it]

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  2. Dana spune:

    I guess you like this idea 🙂

  3. Christine Vandivier spune:

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