The Amazing iPhone- 4S Photography


Gadgets exist to make our lives easier and better, right? So the fact that they are in a continuous development should only please us and make us want more and more.

The same thing goes for this iPhone Lens Dial which appears as a worldwide wonder to all of those who have and iPhone (half of the population, almost) and want to take clearer pictures. The whole masterpiece has a 3 lens optical system, arranged in a very cool position, focusing at the same time on fisheye, wide angle, and telephoto lens capabilities.

You can imagine that the quality is first handed, providing at the same time a 1.5x optical zoom, over the ¨allpowerful¨ iPhone lens.

The bad thing about it is that once you have decided to buy it, you will kind of miss being able to afford food. It costs around $250.

But at least you will have awesome pictures:)!




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