The Almighty iHome Speaker Tower!

What is a party without  music and some appropriate lightning to create the perfect mood? Well, pretty much nothing.

And those who invented the following gadget know this. We present to you, the one and only iP76 LED Color Changing Speaker Tower, created by iHome for the iPhone/iPad.

Its Majesty measures 3 feet and it is a beautiful art of work that can be used both for creating an excellent mood, but also for decorating the house. You will get 16 multi-color LED clusters in seven different hues, that can fade, pulse, strobe etc. and what is even more important, you will be blessed with four high performance speakers in Reson8 speaker technology with Bluetooth connectivity.

You can also charge and connect to your TV in no time. The magic will start in July, this year and will go in for $200.

Veeeeery good!




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