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The USB Humping Dog To The Rescue!

USB gadgets have become indispensable to those who want to keep up with today’s technology. This is definitely something that makes our lives easier and helps move information around. But I have to admit that technology can appear in many…Continue Reading →

Best HTC S Charger With Multiple Features!

HTC has become like the air that we breathe: everywhere and indispensable! And since there are so many people owning one, this idea of a charger especially made for HTC might actually come in handy. This HTC S Dual Desktop…Continue Reading →

Is It a Diamond or a Speaker?It is both!

  Everyone needs a buddy in a time of solitude or intense work. Your MP3 player is the perfect friend in these situations. But what is there to do when you just can’t stand your headphones and all you want…Continue Reading →

Groovy Hi-Five Watch!

Usually I don’t wear a watch because I am afraid to break it or lose it or other stuff like these, but with this Hi Five LED watch, I could really go for it. This groovy device is inspired by the…Continue Reading →

Gorgeous Bamboo MP3 Player

Hands up for everything made of bamboo. Who would not love bamboo with its color, texture and overall aspect. And this USB Bamboo MP3 Player with two wonderful speakers is the perfect element to decorate your interior with style.It comes…Continue Reading →