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How a Hot App Can Save you Tons

If you love using your cell phone to enhance your quality of life, you are going to love this next shopping trip from one of our pro shoppers. Everybody loves saving money, so using your cell phone to save you…Continue Reading →

Do you have a Spare One?

Remember when you were young (because I can’t) and your life was not glued to all these technological devices like phones, tablets, laptops and so on? Oh, those were the days my friend! Of course, times have changed, but try…Continue Reading →

The Perfect Video Camera

              A camera is the perfect device for those who want to capture unique moments and create unforgettable memories. And the small Wiki Digital Video Camera is perfect for your purposes. With the click…Continue Reading →

Takara Tomy’s “First Digital Camera”

                  Children love playing with toys as much as adults enjoy using their gadgets, so don’t be surprised if you see your kid wanting to use „the big technology”.Fortunately, Takara Tomy has…Continue Reading →

ASUS announce release of revolutionary new PadFone handset

The boundaries that separate the tablet computer from the smartphone are becoming increasingly blurred thanks to touchscreen technology and ever-improving hardware. Now it seems that electronics manufacturer ASUS are about to add more confusion to the situation, as they announce…Continue Reading →

Germ Genie cleans your keyboard

Do you have any idea how many germs gather and make babies on your keyboard? Especially at the office. Germ Genie is here to instantly sanitize your computer’s component. Designed by Falcon Innovations, Germ Genie uses an Ultraviolet Light and…Continue Reading →