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Photo essay

Groups of photographs that are set neatly to develop different stages of emotional views, the progression of events and concepts either as pure photographic works or the photos coupled with captions and comments are referred to as photo essay.  This…Continue Reading →

Sony and the Waterproof GW55VE!

You never realize how important a waterproof camera is until you find yourself into a situation in which you have to take photographs underwater. If we are to think at the world we are living in, we can say that…Continue Reading →

Personalized Coasters for Christmas!

For those of you who don’t know it yet, today is „The Black Friday”. This means that there is only one month left until  Christmas bells will be heard again. So you should get working on that shopping list! If…Continue Reading →

Delicious Fuuvi Chocolate Digital Camera

Chocolate has been known to be a sanctuary to women for several reasons (a form of compensation for certain needs that haven’t been met, depression, obsessive compulsive behavior). Because chocolate knows how to leave its mark on a woman’s body,…Continue Reading →

Olympus E-P2 camera reveals its specifications

British Journal of Photography is too savvy not to keep secrets, since it escaped details about the Nikon D3s some time ago, and now provides early information about the new Olympus E-P2. Thus, we find that the device comes with…Continue Reading →