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Have Some Purple Magic!

                    Buying the perfect case for your phone can be quite difficult since you have to take into account so many things like: size,material, design and color. And if you are…Continue Reading →

ASUS announce release of revolutionary new PadFone handset

The boundaries that separate the tablet computer from the smartphone are becoming increasingly blurred thanks to touchscreen technology and ever-improving hardware. Now it seems that electronics manufacturer ASUS are about to add more confusion to the situation, as they announce…Continue Reading →

The slimmest BlackBerries ever-Bold 9900 and 9930

BlackBerry introduces its slimmest QWERTY smartphones to date: Bold 9900 and 9930 (also known as the Bold Touch) which carry the ultimate technologies while still wearing the signature of BlackBerry. The Bold 9900 and 9930 feature a 2.8-inch touch screen,…Continue Reading →

Nokia N8 turns pink

Following the white iPhone 4 frenzy that took place recently, Nokia has decided to try on a new color for the N8 that may increase the sales. Girls will definitely choose it to match their small pink outfits, pink purses…Continue Reading →

Children vs. Cellphones

Have you even seen those tiny persons who hold a communication device in their small hands? Yes, those are our children. Is it ok for children to be having cellphones? I can honestly disapprove. And I won’t take that “well,…Continue Reading →

2010 Gadgets for Ladies

In-car microwave oven If you are always on the move and you need to set up your very own meals at the comfort of your own car, you’re in-car microwave oven can do the trick. This compact microwave is built…Continue Reading →

Motorola MILESTONE 2

Motorola announced the Milestone 2 that will be available in Europe, too. As expected, Milestone 2 has top facilities with high-resolution screen, powerful processor and video capture 720p. The list of technical facilities of this device: * 3.7-inch touchscreen with…Continue Reading →

LG Prime with $50 Airtime Credit

LG Prime is a great phone with big touchscreen display that helps to connect to your social networking accounts, as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. It also has a 2.0 MP camera and cam-recorder for good pictures and videos. Features: •…Continue Reading →