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Do you have a Spare One?

Remember when you were young (because I can’t) and your life was not glued to all these technological devices like phones, tablets, laptops and so on? Oh, those were the days my friend! Of course, times have changed, but try…Continue Reading →

BlackBerry Torch Advertising Video

Will Ramsay, Art Pioneer – “My BlackBerry Torch is like my portable gallery cos I can easily go between artists’ sites. Which is brilliant.” I think these words make more than what I want to say about new BlackBerry Torch….Continue Reading →

BlackBerry Diplo Apps Video

One interesting and cool thing regarding the BlackBerry Torch is that you can really make applications out of some of your favorite websites. Watch the following video to convince about the real features of BlackBerry Torch:

Video- Be Expert with LG Optimus One

Yes, it seems that LG Optimus One could help you be an instant expert. How it is that possible? Well, watch the following video and you will see. Now, you know that a good phone could help you know more…Continue Reading →

Video- An HTC Wildfire Experience

This is one of the most interesting video-ad seen lately. It is a campaign that starts with the following question: “If you and all your friends on Facebook got together what would you do?” This video presents a record for…Continue Reading →

Video- Who can crack the CODE?

This video is a test for everyone who thinks that can crack the code with LG Optimus One.

Video- LG Optimus 7 Adventures

This is the latest video presenting the LG Optimus 7 and how to survive a Giant Squid. This is an animated video and I’m not sure that you can do all this, but LG makes your life good! 🙂