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Nokia and Angry Birds Fans:Get Ready!

I have always considered Nokia to be a serious and professional company, therefore all my phones until now have been signed by it, and I can honestly say, that I have had my last one, for over 5 years now…Continue Reading →

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Could this product BE more awesome than this? I am sure you all „Friends’” fans know what I am talking about, but coming back to the original purpose of this article, I am presenting the amazing Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. Qwertz…Continue Reading →

The Brightest Nokia: 701

According to the latest press release, Nokia has returned with one of the brightest models of phones, ever.  Nokia 701 has been declared the brightest phone due to a 3.5″ IPS LCD display that combines with ClearBlack technology. So despite…Continue Reading →

Nokia N8 turns pink

Following the white iPhone 4 frenzy that took place recently, Nokia has decided to try on a new color for the N8 that may increase the sales. Girls will definitely choose it to match their small pink outfits, pink purses…Continue Reading →

Entertain Yourself with Nokia X7

Nokia has just announced the new smartphone for tech-freaks (game addicts, film fans, art lovers). The beautiful contemporary look of the Nokia X7 is packed with the latest technology in mobile industry. Made from seamless stainless steel and glass, Nokia…Continue Reading →

Nokia’s Latest Design Concept: Nenya Ring

Nokia is working on a way for you to access your phone calls through a high-tech ring (Lord of the Rings much?). I’m pretty sure those Finnish wonder-boys loved dressing up as Frodo and Gollum. Easily accessible, discreet, wireless and…Continue Reading →

Dance with Nokia Phone

This is the latest advertising campaign from Nokia, presenting their new Bluetooth Headset collection for 2011. Nokia’s new collection is perfect for hands free users, being easy-to-use with latest audio technology and the Always Ready feature.