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Slushie Away My Friends!

Summer, summer, summer is coming! And we are all going to look for cold places, drinks and other stuff that can keep our body temperature close to the normal one. So I am guessing that the new Slushie Maker for…Continue Reading →

Roast Your Chicken Healthier!

I hope you will appreciate this post because I had a terrible time writing it. How is someone supposed to look at this photo and not drool?  Norpro Stainless Steel Vertical Roaster with Infuser is a wonderful tool, useful in…Continue Reading →

Oven, Oven in the Kitchen!

Well, things have changed and women’s status has changed during the years. Now researchers are doing their best in order to bring back women in the kitchen, were some believe is their place, but at the same time attract other…Continue Reading →

2 in 1: Amazing Scale and Mixing Bowl

All women would agree that in the kitchen you need as much as space as you get. But usually, this is the one thing that you don’t get. Well now I will present a very useful gadget, which combines two…Continue Reading →

Create Your Sweets with the Babycakes Maker!

I have always wondered how you can cook that delicious pops covered in chocolate and sprinkles, and now I have my answer: the Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker. You can bake 12 pops or doughnut holes in only a couple…Continue Reading →

Control the Oven from the Bedroom

Cook your way into every day with the new technology signed by Samsung Zipel. Also known as MC368GAAW5A  (let’s keep our fingers crossed for a new name), this oven  can simply be controlled from an app on your Android phone….Continue Reading →

Duet with the Puppets Dish Gloves

I always had a thing with washing the dishes: I hated it! I don’t know whether it was because I had so many or because my nails would instantly break after this complicated activity. Lucky for me (and yes I…Continue Reading →

Batman in your kitchen!

Convincing your man to cook? That is definitely a handful for some of us, but we are doing are best in order to trick them. And now, the Batman Kitchen Apron is ready to support us 100%. Made of a…Continue Reading →

Make a delicious coffee at home!

Coffee is the world’s most famous liquid being consumed by almost 80% of the population. Therefore, anyone should have the CBTL Contata Single Cup Coffee and Espresso Brewer which turns the experience of drinking coffee into an art. With its…Continue Reading →