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Red CarBot App from DeskPets

All kids, and not only love red cars. I think because red cars make us think about Ferrari, fast and furious car! We all love fast cars and new gadgets. The DeskPets CarBot App Controlled Red Car is perfect if…Continue Reading →

Super USB Car Charger

Super USB Car Charger from Momax is perfect to charge your iPad or iPad 2 whilst you are in the car. How many of you have used the iPad until you run out of battery and you found that you…Continue Reading →

Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank

Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank is the cutest toy for you to buy. I’ve purchased this amazing, sweet and joyful toy from and this was the greatest deal of my life. I love it! Robotic Tank works with iPod…Continue Reading →

The Almighty iHome Speaker Tower!

What is a party without  music and some appropriate lightning to create the perfect mood? Well, pretty much nothing. And those who invented the following gadget know this. We present to you, the one and only iP76 LED Color Changing…Continue Reading →

Be a Sexy Beast With the Leopard Case!

  Leopard never goes out of style, right? So why not check out this Protective Leather Case, with a Brown Leopard design? Aside from the fact that it is made specifically for your iPad and has the best leather material, this…Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas For Mother´s Day!

For some parts of our world, Mother´s Day is right around the corner, so we´d better get started with all the present search. Although they say that you can never repay a mother for what she has done, you can…Continue Reading →

Delicious Chocolate iPhones and iPads

Ok, don´t kill me but I think you are going to love this post so much. And believe me, it was no piece of cake writing it. We all know gadgets are the most thoughtful and exciting gifts nowadays,so offering…Continue Reading →

Motors App

The motors App, available from the iTunes App store or by following links on its creator site It is an invaluable net based tool which will give you a choice of many more desirable second hand cars from…Continue Reading →

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Could this product BE more awesome than this? I am sure you all „Friends’” fans know what I am talking about, but coming back to the original purpose of this article, I am presenting the amazing Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. Qwertz…Continue Reading →

The new iPad 3 spotted at CES

No rumor should go unchecked, so this one right here, had no chance to be ignored: the new iPad was spotted at CES, this exact week. According to iLounge, the new iPad is almost identical to iPad 2, but the only…Continue Reading →