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Do you love math? Shakuntala Devi loved it

Google Search engine celebrates today, the birth of Shakuntala Devi (November, 4, 1929 – April, 21, 2013), the woman who was called „human computer” because of her extraordinary capacity to perform complex mathematical calculations in mind. In 1982, Shakuntala Devi…Continue Reading →

Google Reinvents the TechnoGlasses!

I thought I have seen a lot of things in this life, but apparently, I was wrong. The latest gadget invented by the guys at Google will definitely surprise you. Google´s Project Glasses are the ultimate style in technology since…Continue Reading →

Chromebook – Google Chrome OS on Acer and Samsung

During the Google I/0 2011 conference, there was an announcement made about the Chromebook operating system. This term basically describes all notebooks that support the Chrome operating system. The two manufacturers featured are Acer and Samsung, announced by Sundar Pichai….Continue Reading →


NEWS: SPOTTED IN GREENHILLS: Google Nexus S Apparently, Google’s new superphone has already paid the Philippines a visit. And we’re not talking about this. A tipster of Abe Olandres of Yugatech saw the Samsung-manufactured Google Nexus S strutting its sexiness…Continue Reading →

Google Fashion Shopping Site Makes Debut

Google Fashion Shopping Site Makes Debut With, Google has created a new e-commerce site that significantly improves how fashion is presented and sold online. Read more on The Wilmington Star-News PIX: Pin-up queens who’ll make you drool As part…Continue Reading →

Video- Smartphones with Google pair

It seems that Google Android makes good pair with any smartphone, especially with the LG Optimus One. Who doesn’t want a fast and “good looking” smartphone?

12 Happy Years for Google

The American company Google is celebrating 12 years since it have made easier the search on Internet and it is offering a big and nice cake. The company was registered on September 4, 1998, the first technical specification was on…Continue Reading →

Google search engine was closed in China

After many months of thinking, Google decided to leave China. We all know that the Google Search Engine censored searches from China, but now it decided to stop its working there, so, the Chinese that wants to search on Google…Continue Reading →