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What you need to know about the world’s most popular game streaming service, Twitch

Twitch was an accident. The live video streaming service, which boasts over 55 million unique users each month, began life in 2007 as „”: an all-hours video livestream of co-founder Justin Kan’s life. That wasn’t the whole point of the……Continue Reading →

Physics’ best-known lectures are now available to everyone on the web

Ask professors about important physics lectures, and they’ll probably point you toward Richard Feynman’s famous 1964 talks. They led to one of the most popular physics books ever (over 1.5 million English copies sold) and helped generations…

Have you experienced night vision during daylight?

One of the many questions mainstreamed nowadays is ,,How about using night vision device in daylight?“ . Well, due to scientists, how about NO. Try it and you can permanently harm your eyesight. You’ve already experienced the moment when someone…Continue Reading →

Amazing Car gadgets for Car lovers

Car buyers love their technological innovation and are looking for hands-free contacting, techniques and under refrigeration spaces for their vehicles. Modern new vehicles are flexible the wishes of car lovers everywhere, providing a wide range of devices and excellent products…Continue Reading →

Try Hana Twin Nose, a much cheaper alternative than plastic surgery

Japanese Shop has introduced to its sales network a gadget worth 30 pounds that would change the structure of the nose, so it would look … beautiful. Manufacturers claim that this device is enough to be worn for 20 minutes…Continue Reading →

Do you love math? Shakuntala Devi loved it

Google Search engine celebrates today, the birth of Shakuntala Devi (November, 4, 1929 – April, 21, 2013), the woman who was called „human computer” because of her extraordinary capacity to perform complex mathematical calculations in mind. In 1982, Shakuntala Devi…Continue Reading →